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Contact Information :  machaba mgosi
Job Preferences : 
Job Category:Forester/Wood Procurement
Already Employed:No
Willing to relocate?:Yes
Education/Experience :  I am a qualified in tree nursery techniques, forest harvesting, environmental conservation, forest management, forest pests and disease , forest extension, forest inventory, forest fire and illegal activities control, tree planting and tending operations,forest mensuration,soil management from Forestry Training Institute Olmotonyi Arusha(Tanzania) in Technician Certificate , therefore through the field that i have been attending in different areas in our country i have got enough experience to work as a forest but when i get opportunity to work i will learn more which will make me to perform well in my professional especially in forestry department . Also i have a certificate in tourism where i covered in Professional techniques, Tourist geography, Social Anthropology , Wildlife knowledge , From nairobi institute of tours and hotels, where i worked as a walking safari guide , guiding in tourists in different areas within the lodge where they came to visit, later i work as a receptionist and cashier before i go back to school to take forestry technician.and now am studying Diploma in forestry where by am expecting to finish next year on August 2018.
Resumé / CV :  currently am studying Diploma in Forestry at Forestry Training Institute Olmotonyi -Arusha Tanzania.
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